Be part of "The World of Energy Conversion and Storage".

Energy Conversion and Storage Symposium (ECS 2018) is an annual international event in the field organised by the International Association of Advanced Materials and VBRI Sverige AB during 04 - 07 November 2018, Stockholm, Sweden.
This symposium is an interdisciplinary environment which provides a unique opportunity for researchers from industry, academia and research centers to come together to review their collective progress, consider the latest developments and discuss the future challenges in energy conversion and storage technology. Presentations will cover topics such as synthesis and characterization of energy materials; advanced bioenergy technology; alloys, design and processing in renewable energy technologies; theoretical understanding of renewable energy conversion and storage process; high-performance supercapacitors, solar cells, rechargeable batteries, and fuel cells and energy storage, batteries, capacitors and novel generation.
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  • Advanced Bioenergy Technology
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Advanced Energy Materials
  • Energy Storage, Batteries, Capacitors and Novel Generation
  • Alloys, Design and Processing in Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Recent Development in Energy Conversion and Storage
  • High-Performance Supercapacitors, Solar cells, Rechargeable Batteries and Fuel Cells
  • Theoretical Understanding of Renewable Energy Conversion and Storage Process
  • Energy Materials for Thermal or Thermochemical (heat) Storage

Special Attractions:

  • Excellent speakers from industry and academia. It is a series of cruise event where 8+ thematic sessions are hosted in the single vessel to explore interdisciplinary connections with areas of hydrogen, fuel cells and thermal energy.
  • There is a chance to visit the Nobel museum and two Scandinavian capital cities.
  • Access to all parallel events in a single registration fee.
  • IAAM Medal, IAAM Scientist Medal and Young Scientist awards will be privileged by the International Association of Advanced Materials.
  • Amazing experience of cruise hospitality and visit two capital cities of Scandinavia, note to mention the beautiful views you will experience the Stockholm archipelago on days.

Highlights of Activities:
  • Excellent Speakers  
  • Interdisciplinary Research Presentations  
  • Global Networking  
  • Strong Attendance from Industry and Academia
  • Parallel Symposiums  
  • Industry Exhibition  
  • Training Courses  
  • IAAM Awards and Felicitation
  • Amazing Experience of Cruise Hospitality  
  • Explore two of the Scandinavian Capitals  
  • Global Market  
  • Product Launches
We look forward welcoming you in Stockholm.